You know your website needs a makeover when:

  • Your site looks like this:
    Ugly Website
  • To make a change to your site, you have to edit some strange computer code in 5 different places, pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time – or pay someone an arm and a leg to do it for you:
    scary coding
  • Your site complains and misbehaves when people look at it on their smartphone or iPad?
  • Your web hosting is costing more than your electricity bill.
  • You don’t know if Google knows your site even exists?

We can take your tired old website and bring it into this century – giving it a great new look that looks good on all screen sizes, costs a minimum to run and is easy to change yourself – whether it is to update your bio, add a blog or have a complete colour/theme change!


By using!


Explore WordPress yourself! Or contact us to make the move for you. For a limited time we are offering a flat-rate of $400 to totally transport your site to*).

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* Note: Of course, this offer is limited to typical small business sites – if you have had a very complex website built in the past and now you want to update it, we probably can’t do it under our flat-rate, but contact us for a quote!

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