We are very excited to have helped Horsemanship Clinician Tanja Kraus bring her lovely childrens book Joanie, not just a pony to reality!  Joanie offers children a chance to see that everybody has their own unique qualities and contribution to make to the world. With beautiful illustrations on every page by Deborah Hatley, Joanie will enchant little ones with the world of horsemanship.

Yesterday we received the proofs from the printer and it looks fabulous. This is the final step before the actual print run, so it won’t be long now until Tania and Deb are signing copies to send out!

Autographed pre-orders

If you would like to pre-order copies, check out the Joanie, Not Just a Pony Facebook page or click the link to the Go Fund Me pre-orders page.

You can also find out more about Tanja’s work as a Horsemanship Clinician at tanjakraushorsemanship.com

Joanie childrens book proof

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