There are many organisations offering POD print runs, following are two popular options for an individual author. They both offer free setup (i.e. you only pay for books as you order) and a free ISBN and barcode. This is ideal for someone only publishing one book at a time (obtaining your own ISBN starts at $97 and is really only necessary if you are planning several books and/or would like to have your own ‘Publisher’ identity).

Amazon’s CreateSpace is one of the largest and we have been very happy with the quality of their books. The cost of printing your book via CreateSpace is calculated per book + shipping, payable only via Credit Card. There are no bulk order discounts. As well as printing small orders directly for you, your book will available for purchase directly by the public on, other online stores and can be ordered by bookstores and libraries through their global distribution partners.

CreateSpace provide an eStore webpage for the book which you can share/email for people to buy at the best royalty return to you (as compared to sales royalties via and other online sellers). When your sales royalties reach US$100 they are sent to you as a US dollar cheque. CreateSpace only offer direct deposit with no minimum royalties if you have a bank account in U.S., U.K, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium or The Netherlands.

Another POD contender is Blurb Books. Their books are more expensive but I find the shipping is much more reasonable to Australia for bulk orders. For book ordering they accept credit card or PayPal. They also pay royalties from sales via PayPal in Australian Dollars. Your book would be available on similar sites to CreateSpace including Amazon, and they provide a webpage for your book. You can see recently published books from Blurb at

We are happy to discuss which option would suit you best!


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